Breitling “Off-road more daring” Avengers Challenge Alliance Blood Collection and Breitling New Avengers Series 2019

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The Breitling Avengers series demonstrates the power of action.

Since its founding in 1884, Breitling, synonymous with this chronograph, has played a vital role in the development of chronographs and continues to lead technological innovation, self-transcendence, and continuous history. At the same time, we will always open opportunities for the next challenge.

Breitling “Off-road and more daring” Avengers Challenge Alliance – Avengers watch display

Mr. Marco Sbriccoli, Director of Global Sales of Breitling, announced that China is the first to launch Breitling Avengers Deep Dive Seawolf Black Steel Replica Watches (Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel)
At the press conference, Mr. Marco Sbriccoli, Director of Global Sales of Breitling, shared with the guests the innovative advances of the Breitling brand in the development process and introduced the new Avengers Breitling 2016 series. The most striking of these is the Breitling Avengers hurricane watch, created by Breitling®, a new material developed by Breitling. With an effective 50mm oversized diameter and an innovative Breitlight® case, the clock is sturdy and surprisingly light and features a new Breitling B12 home movement with a 24-hour military time display. The 50-year limited edition Breitling Avengers Black Steel China Limited Edition watch is Breitling’s latest masterpiece for Chinese consumers. The use of red elements is to pay tribute to the culture and traditional complex of China. Mr. Sbriccoli said: “The challenge and continuous innovation is the internal gene of the Breitling watch and the most critical factor in the development of Breitling Best Replica Watches step by step. The Avengers watch has always been the result of excellent performance and Fresh way. Consumers love it. Therefore, we are delighted to apply the latest technology to this series. It is also a great honor to present a limited edition of Fake Watches in China that combines Chinese consumer preferences and Chinese characteristics. ”

Breitling Avengers Second Generation World Time Black Steel China Limited Edition Avenger II GMT Blacksteel Watch Chinese Edition

Breitling not only dares to a breakthrough in watchmaking skills. But its development process is inseparable from the great Huazhang. Which consistently defies the limits of human beings and pursues dreams.From the first flight space with “Aurora 7” to the promotion of the Breitling No. 3 hot air balloon. From full sponsorship of several flight events to fully support pilots under the sport to challenge the flight record. Breitling always believes in the potential of humanity and the power of challenge. And anchors of the Breitling logo.
The more off-road, the more extreme
In 2019, Breitling became the official timekeeper for Discovery Adventures Park Aviation. In this event, the 2016 Avengers Challenge Alliance Breitling “Off-road and Dare” is also wholly assembled, fulfilling the spirit of the brand challenge, the adventurous challengers form the Avengers Challenge Alliance, feel the stimulus of survival in nature and the joy of flying

After five generations of heritage, Breitling Swiss Replica Watches has become a reliable partner and praised by the aviation industry under its chronograph and exquisite craftsmanship, accurately recording the history of the human struggle to conquer the sky. Today, Breitling has a luxurious product line and diversified functions, which show a stable, reliable, and precise performance in the air, the land, and the sea. With the adventurous adventure and the final challenge, the brave continually makes its way to Himself and explores the passionate life.