Exact Replica Watches Launch Legacy Machine No1

Exact Replica Watches

“Wild and extreme, break the shackles, unlimited” these adjectives, used in clocks and watches of machines are very appropriate; What about “traditional, classical, round”? With a substantial mid-set balance wheel, precise hand-polished movement, fully independent dual-time zone, unique vertical energy storage indicator, and exquisite circular case, Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) is a tribute to the great innovators in the traditional watch industry. It is also a watch Machine with three-dimensional design.

Maximilian Busser, who conceived the LM1 in a fantasy, wonders: “what if I had been born 100 years earlier, not in 1967, but 1867? It has to be round and three-dimensional, and Legacy Machine No.1 is my answer.”
Faithful to the high quality of the 19th-century pocket Exact Replica Watches, LM1 adopts the balance wheel with large diameter double spokes and the traditional Breguet double-layer head spring. Its mysterious regulating mechanism is visible, but the balance wheel suspended above the movement. Looking like a miniature sextant, the unique vertical indicator of energy storage time records available energy, and its graceful arc provides a visual effect of the three-dimensional spatial structure while maintaining balance.

Through the clear arc sapphire crystal mirror of Legacy Machine No.1, you can see the dreamlike masterpiece of micro-mechanical, which reminds people of the scene of captain Nemo, the hero of the science fiction novel “20,000 leagues under the sea”, looking at the mysterious land of Atlantis.
The indigenous movement on Legacy Machine No.1 Replica Watches transcends traditional watchmaking techniques. It radiates the unparalleled talents of its creator, Jean-Francois Mojon, and his team at Chronode(the winner of the 2010 Geneva watchmaking prize for best watchmaker). Independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for the aesthetic design and supervises that the movement does not deviate from the most prestigious watchmaking traditions and the surface treatment of the action. The perfect Geneva ripple, the extremely polished gold and gem bearing sleeve, and the indented chamfered bridge plate (must be done entirely by hand, without the help of mechanical surface treatment) show the perfect polishing technique of this movement. Legacy Machine No.1 is engraved with the names of the two creators and is the first time Voutilainen has signed an action other than his own.
Learn about MB& from Legacy Machine No.1. F how to create a thoroughly modern, three-dimensional space structure with the most elegant traditional watchmaking technology in the 19th century?