“Ode to Joy” Type and Watch Love

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I believe many of my friends who like to watch TV shows have viewed Ode to Joy recently. The plot of this show is mainly about five girls. It tells the sadness and happiness in the workplace and life. These girls’ roles are more representative, reflecting the fake cartier watch postures of urban women at different stages or levels. Liu Tao, Zu Feng, Jiang Xin, Jin Dong, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, and other luxurious casts have attracted a lot of fans’ attention. In the play, the powerful woman Andy played by Liu Tao, Guan Yinger played by Qiao Xin, Qiu Yingying played by Yang Zi, Fan Shengmei played by Jiang Xin, and Qu Xiaoyu played by Wang Ziwen lived together on the 22nd floor of Happy Song Community, then appeared Respective boyfriends. The five girls have very different personalities, and their boyfriends have entirely different characteristics, forming the twists and turns of the story. As a play that uses the workplace replica cartiers to shape the character, we still need to return to the workplace. So who are you?

Simply sharp businesswoman Andy

Andy, played by Liu Tao, is a returnee elite who once invested in Wall Street and returned to seek roots. Wall Street is a world-renowned financial center. In the vortex of capital, it tests the triangle of human nature, money, and desire. Without a good background, it can only compete with time. Andy has an unhappy childhood background. This is very important to her life. However, in the workplace, she is a brave, decisive, and analytical woman. Being her subordinate is equal to being abused.

Andy always wears a professional, and the sense of distance and BOSS is compelling. In terms of wearing watches, Andy usually wears the replica cartier watches Paris Private Collection series replica cartier, with two-time functions, it is difficult to see it today, because it is an earlier style. This fake cartier watch with Andy is really interesting, unique in style, and also an old model, much like Andy’s personality. She is not very stylish, single in manner, traditional in the bones, but very tasteful.