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Time is empty, but it is always passing. Human beings have never given up the pursuit of time. Therefore, the birth of clocks is strong evidence that humans have controlled time since ancient times. The earliest clock in the world was a water-borne instrument tower that was born in the Northern Song Dynasty. It can strike the watch, and its structure is similar to modern cartier replica. Since then, humanity has begun a long journey of love for the “bell” century.

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Early sundial

Clocks and watches—a collection of clocks and watches. Clocks and watches are precision instruments that measure and indicate time. Their size usually distinguishes clocks and watches. According to international practice, a clock with a diameter of more than 80 mm and a thickness of more than 30 mm is a clock; those with a diameter of 37-50 mm and a width of 4-6 mm are called pocket watches; watches with a diameter of 37 mm or less are watches.

China has sundial, water clock, fire clock, copper kettle drip, etc. This can only be regarded as the ancients timer. Watches without ticks cannot be called clocks. By 1090, Prime Minister Su Song of the Northern Song Dynasty presided over the construction of a water-borne instrument tower, capable of clocking the clock, and its structure was similar to that of modern replica cartier watches. There is an only one-second error every day. Moreover, it has an escapement, which makes a clicking sound when the escapement is working. This is the difference between replica cartier and timer.

The international watch industry regards the escapement as the heart of fake cartier watch. In Switzerland, an authoritative book of the world cartier replica watches wrote: “The escapement used in modern mechanical clocks originated from the invention of Su Song in ancient China.” In the Song Dynasty, scientist Su Song invented the “celestial globe instrument,” a popular British science and technology In his book, the historian Needham wrote; he was six centuries ahead of Robert Hook. For example, Hefei and Feike are regarded by the West as astronomy. The inventors of watches and clocks went on for seven and a half centuries. “After the twelfth century, Chinese watch technology was introduced into Europe, and European talents created clocks. It can be said that the Chinese built the history of human fake cartier and influenced the progress of western watches and clocks.