Luxury Replica Montblanc Launches Smart Watch

with its android-based montblanc summit timepiece to arrive in australia in may, the fake montblanc has become the first multi-product perfect brand to launch a smart watch.
special appearance and excellent premium materials make the replica watch like the original one on the wrist. what’s more, the timepiece’s display is covered by a slightly curved sapphire glass, a world first in smart watches.
the announcement follows the launch early this week of tag heuer’s upgraded connected watch, an android device whose first iteration launched last year exceeded sales expectations by a factor of three.
the replica montblanc’s move is sure to cause a ripple in the tradition-bound watch industry and comes as sales of mechanical watches have been decreasing month-on-month for more than a year.
the one who is the montblanc international chief executive said that “nothing compares to the sensation of traditional fine swiss watch-making, but in a fast-moving world being able to access all kinds of information digitally has become essential”. what’s more, “the summit bridges these two worlds with a simple and highly functional product which gives its owners the freedom to have it all.”
the montblanc aimed at bringing a one-of-a-kind vintage design to the category and inspire a younger generation who appreciate top quality materials and finishes, and who like the feeling of a mechanical watch on the wrist.M
the case comes in a choice of four different materials and styles —black pvd coated stainless steel and a bi-color stainless steel case with a black pvd coated stainless steel bezel, stainless steel case with perfect finish.
there is a choice of eight straps, from a sporty, water-resistant rubber nato in black, blue, green or red, to leather numbers from the montblanc pelletteria in florence – all easily swapped thanks to quick-release spring bars. it connects via wi-fi and bluetooth and has 4gb of flash storage which can be used to sync and play music without the need of a smartphone. for a behind-the-scenes update on all matters wristworthy, please sign up for our free weekly watch-next