replica watches Codex’s Unstoppable Lan Yun, the First Manual Mechanical Watch Debuts

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The charm of a manual mechanical watch lies in the close contact of the winding, the perfect presentation of the entire movement, the thinner thickness, and the rhythm of the fingertips every time you turn the crown. Turn the crown to break the frozen time, give it time to flow, and its life is closely related to you. This year, Igor released the brand’s first manual mechanical watch, adhering to the usual style, and launched at the price of affordable prices.

swiss replica watches 3504A1 is currently the brand’s only manual mechanical watch. The transparent blue surface and the simplified hollow structure show the azure movement to the extreme. Each time the crown is twisted, the gears are in front of each other.

It is equipped with the Cal.A3155 manual movement produced by the brand. The front-view barrel is invisible to increase the power reserve display function. The movement can be easily grasped. The absence of the automatic rotor on the back increases the movement. The visible area, the gold and silver gears on the flat movement board road, large and small parts at a glance, and the mechanical charm are more intuitive. The edges are chamfered and polished. The thickness is only 3.2mm. It is equipped with 17 ruby ​​bearings. The power reserve can reach 40 hours, and the vibration frequency is 21,600 times/hour (3 Hz). The elegant blue plate surface, coupled with the grim silver gears and the magnificent golden balance wheel, form a vivid color contrast, which can not help but attract attention.

Each of its scales and each pointer are covered with a luminous coating. When viewed in the dark, people can’t help but think of the little starlight of the dark blue night sky and have a visual romance while obtaining time information. The six o’clock position on the disk is an independent small second display. The triangle second hand rotates without knowing best replica watches , and it goes on and on.

The 37mm square case is just right for the size of the wrist. The entire watch thickness is 8.2mm. The slightly curved lugs fit the wrist. The gear-shaped crown is polished and polished, with a delicate and moist feel, and with the engraved brand logo, the bright luster creates outstanding texture.

It is made of Italian cowhide leather strap, using a very user-friendly quick-release design, easy to change the strap without pressure. With the brand’s unique 316L stainless steel folding buckle, it brings a comfortable wearing experience.

Summary: This watch shows the movement fake watches more clearly by hollowing out, exposing the moving parts to the line of sight like anatomy.